ICWD Watchdog Program
WatchdogWater security is a shared responsibility involving water, suppliers, government, law enforcement, and citizens. Water facilities are often located in geographically large, isolated areas where drinking sources and delivery systems may be difficult to secure and patrol. YOU can help by reporting any suspicious activity in and around local water utilities. Examples of suspicious activities include:

  • People climbing or cutting a utility fence.
  • Unidentified vehicles parked or loitering near waterways or facilities for no apparent reason.
  • Suspicious opening or tampering with meter covers, fire hydrants, buildings, or equipment.
  • People climbing on water tanks.
  • People photographing or videotaping water facilities, structures or equipment.
  • Strangers loitering near locked gates, doors or entrance ways of ICWD facilities.
  • People dumping or discharging material into a water reservoir.
  • Any individuals that are not identifiable ICWD personnel opening or tampering with fire hydrants or meter boxes.

While there have been no incidents or any reports of suspicious activity, security remains a priority for the Inman-Campobello Water District, as well as all water systems, in the interest of homeland security.